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Swirl Finish Brass Letters

Polished Brass Letters

Oxidized Brass Letters

Satin Brass Letters














We use the finest quality material in our cut brass letters. When finished, they have a rich golden glow, appearing much warmer and more lustrous than the cheaper brass letters with the yellowish, greenish tint that are produced by many vendors.


Brass Letters and logos are available in:

Satin Finish Brass Letters (also known as brushed finish) Unless otherwise specified, a horizontal grain is standard.

Mirror Polished Finish Brass Letters

Oxidized Finish Brass Letters (also known as statuary or patina) This is a darkened or antiqued finish which we create in shades from light to black and anything in between.

Swirl Finish Brass Letters - This finish is most commonly used for brass letters embedded in concrete.

Hand Rubbed Brass Letters

Polished Chrome or Nickel Plated Brass Letters











Our new price list for brass letters will be published soon. In the meantime, please call or email for a free quotation.

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